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Bubbly + Better Beauty


Keep that skin healthy, gurl! We only have one body!

Hormone disrupting chemicals, harsh surfactants, artificial fragrances, and mineral oil are all common ingredients in beauty products. Are you ready to come clean? 

Learn how to replace six of the worst offenders with high-performance, safer options, try some of these product out for yourself, and learn how you can get involved in getting safer products into the hands of everyone.

Join Martha Florence for some bubbly and a crash course on how to care for your skin, what to put on it, what to keep off it. Admission includes champagne, charcuterie, and a wealth of knowledge.

A Note from our Hostess:

As a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, mostly Paleo foodie, research and science junkie, endurance athlete, and chronic fatigue survivor, I've been on both sides of the playing field when it comes to health, wellness, and healing chronic illness. Helping people better understand what's happening inside their bodies, and find the root cause of illness (rather than treat symptoms) is my passion. 

I practice a functional medicine approach, which means my approach is holistic and takes into account how all body systems and areas of life affect health. Total wellness and long-term health is achieved by combining food, movement, and self-care practices in a way that fits you - not what what works for everyone else. 

With over 8 years of clinical experience, I've applied what I've learned from healing my own body to help others heal theirs, without sacrificing the things they love. When I'm not helping other people live happier, healthier lives, you can find me reading articles on PubMed, running, hanging out with my dogs, or planning my next adventure to far off places.


Earlier Event: September 19
Later Event: September 25
HAPPIEST of HOURS : Glitter + Bitters