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AstroYoga: Harvest the Life You Want



Grab your mats, gurls, cuz the moon is new AF.

Join BUREAU for a 90-minute yoga sesh, led by our newest member, AJ Wolbrum. AJ is an international yoga instructor and major babe. Studying and teaching in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South East Asia, and teaching full time in NYC for 3+ years, AJ teaches a blend of yoga incorporating many styles into both her slower and more dynamic classes. You can expect a well-balanced class, encompassing challenging asana, intentional breathwork, and time to be silly and free. A unique quality of AJ's teaching is her expertise in Astrology, and she plans her sequences in accordance to the astrological forecast, with special recognition of the moon's placement.

{ a note from the instructor }

Yoga is the lens through which you observe your truest nature. Astrology, when understood, can be the filter that allows you to see your truth more crisply. In these 90min workshops, we will explore the lessons of the zodiac through the somatic experience of yoga. A unique and ancient way of looking at the body as not just brain, heart, skin, and bones, but of something greater than yourself: A holistic approach to healing.

A new moon is a time of fresh beginnings. A time to plant seeds of potential; to develop a relationship to your unique desires; to build the life you wish to manifest. We tap into the magical power of intention by using the energy from the dark side of the moon and combining the cooling, calming practice of yin/restorative yoga. For this workshop we'll be working with energies of the zodiac sign Virgo, the Moon, and Mercury to channel our energy inwards. Whether you want to start a new project, grow a relationship, find a partner, or end a traumatic time in your life, this practice will lend you the tools, offering guidance by listening into your inner wisdom. To nurture within is to grow without. The work you do on yourself blooms in all areas of your life. The science of AstroYoga is to turn what feels impossible into the life you always deserved to have.

Class includes 90-minute guided yoga session, new moon intention guide, and post yoga champagne toast to the new moon you. Bring your own mats. Namaste, bishes.


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