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WERQshop : Writing to Find Yourself


Did you know writing can improve your career, your love life and even your physical health?

Allison Fallon meets people all the time who are beautiful and brilliant and intelligent and capable but who are wrestling with anxiety or depression or bad habits or looming questions about what to do next. They’re stuck in frustrating jobs or frustrating relationships and wondering if maybe, somewhere along the way, they missed the boat.

She's teaching this workshop not because she has all the answers, but because Allison wants to help you find the answers you’ve had inside of you all along.

What the research shows

According to research, there is a simple practice you can do every day, on your own, that can unlock your potential, calm your anxiety, heal your physical body, improve your relationships and help you find the answers to all the questions that keep you awake at night.

It can make you a better friend, a better parent, a better partner, a better communicator, and a happier, more fully YOU version of yourself.

A huge body of research is now showing writing is one of the most powerful ways to unlock your hidden potential. It can speed physical and emotional healing, help you heal from a traumatic experience or set of experiences, act as a powerful support in helping you create the meaningful changes you want to make in your life, and reconnect you with the part of yourself that feels settled and free and that always knows exactly what to do next.

How crazy is that??

Allison can show you how.

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