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Sip 'n Snack Healthy Happy Hour!

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Come Sip 'n Snack at BUREAU with Sip City and Fancy Schmancy! We're hosting a happy hour that's actually good for you! We'll sip on switchel-based drinks provided by Sip City and snack on exciting crackers provided by Fancy Schmancy, all without any of the guilty feelings that we usually get from happy hours. 

WTF is Switchel?

Switchel has roots in the U.S. as the OG natural sports drink and cocktail mixer. In the 1700s, farmers sipped on switchel after a long day in the hot sun and Congress’ favorite drink was a big bowl of switchel, spiked with rum. The base of our switchel is fresh citrus and ginger, apple cider vinegar and a dash of honey. It settles the stomach, curbs a cold, and replenishes electrolytes. You can drink your Sip City switchel post-workout, throughout your day, or mix it with your alc of choice. The possibilities are bottomless! 

About Sip City:

We’re Josie and Nikki, two DC twenty-somethings who want you to drink mindfully in the same way that you eat and exercise mindfully. We make functional beverages for every part of your busy day, with no preservatives, no concentrates, and no BS. We believe that wellness should be accessible to everyone, and that you shouldn’t need a nutrition degree to figure out what’s good for you and what’s going to make you feel your best. At Sip City, we're all about hacking your existing drinking habits, not making new ones. So cheers to good health and clean drinks! 

About Fancy Schmancy:

We make creative accompaniments for entertaining and everyday that are simple, wholesome and really fun. Our Curious Crackers are made with organic grains and come in five unique flavors. We'll be sharing the vegan varieties of our Curious Crackers and easy recipes for dips and spreads. 

Ticket includes cocktails, small bites, and a damn good time! Get your ticket here.

Earlier Event: February 28
Later Event: March 3